About us

Our Philosophy

Trust, responsibility and our own integrity by utilising the most modern and scientific methods are the maxims in caring for our patients. 

You will be cared for by me during your entire treatment period. My team always supports me in making it as pleasant as possible for you. 

Before each treatment there is always a detailed consultation with you. Your options and wishes will be incorporated into a comprehensive treatment plan, taking into account comprehensive treatment concepts. Afterwards, a detailed account of your treatment plan is submitted to your public health insurance, supplementary insurances, or your private health insurance. 

There are always different treatment approaches. All the options open to you to you will be discussed in detail with you, taking into account your wishes and of course your own options, whether from a medical or financial point of view. It does not always have to be the most expensive treatment plan, but what is best for you. To develop a suitable treatment plan for you is our responsibility and our promise. 

With our love for dentistry we hope to take away your fear. 

We are here to help.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.